Small Looms Mean Big Fun


It all started with a little 4″ square vintage Weave-It loom.  Now I’m addicted!  My collection has grown to several 2-inch and 4-inch pin looms, obtained from eBay, Etsy, and estate sales.  For awhile there was a company that made a newer version called Weavettes and I managed to get a 4-inch, 6-inch, 2×6 inch, and 4×6 inch version.  I have had some 12-inch looms custom made and purchased a place mat sized peg-loom from CraftSanity.

For a great website on these types of looms, including the old instruction booklets, go to eLoomaNation.

For examples of items made from these looms, check out my Pinterest Board: Weaving on Small Looms

Pin Loom sources - Fiber Art Reflections

Here are some of the looms in my collection: 12″ square, 6″ square, 2″ square, 4″ x 6″ rectangle, 2″ x 4″ rectangle, 2″ x 6″ bookmark loom, 4″ square Zoom Loom, and the Lacis “Square” Looms kit


Pin Loom Sources

Classic versions from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s can often be found on auction or craft websites like eBay, Etsy, ArtFire, etc., or at antiques stores and rummage sales. In the 90’s and early 00’s there was a company called Buxton Brooks that sold many different sizes under the brand name Weavette, and sometimes these pop up for sale as well. I have found the following search terms helpful:

  • Pin Loom
  • Hand Loom
  • Weaving Loom
  • Weave It
  • Weave-It
  • Weavette
  • Loomette
  • Jiffy Loom
  • Peg Loom
  • Donar Loom
  • Hero Loom
  • Vintage loom

The Schacht Spindle Company, among others, sells the 4-inch square Zoom Loom. Handmade versions of pin and peg looms can be purchased from the following:  U-Weave, Mielkes Fiber Arts, The Woolery, Hazel Rose, and CraftSanity. Use a Lacis “Square” Loom to create your own pin arrangements and loom sizes.


CraftSanity Loom



Patterns for the Weavette licia conforti

Licia Conforti discovered some old Weave-It looms in her grandmother’s house.  Her father remembered how to use the looms, and in the late 1990’s she began manufacturing the looms through a company called Buxton Brook Looms.  She published the book, Modular Textures: Patterns for the Weavette and Weave-It Looms.  Unfortunately, she is no longer producing these looms.  I was lucky enough to discover them in a local yarn store back in the 90’s and was able to get the looms in several sizes, along with this book.  It’s worth a search online to find these well-built quality looms and this wonderful little book of patterns.



A new manufacturer is now making a 4- inch Weave-It loom type pin loom. I have one of these and I love it. I think the design makes it much easier to use than the original vintage pin looms. Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:

Here is a photo:

Here is a photo of an original Weave-It pin loom

Vintage Weave-It Loom


 An excellent resource book for pin loom weavers. Click on picture for a book review.

Pin Loom Weaving by Margaret Stump


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    • Hi, Judith! The 4″ square zoom looms usually run about $30 to $40 new. The Weavette’s brand of pin looms are no longer being made since the early 2000’s, but can occasionally be found on eBay, Etsy, or other such sites. Weave-It’s brand are older still, but often show up on eBay. Other folks who sell handmade versions (sometimes custom orders) can be found to the right under the Small Looms & Weaving links section. Best wishes finding the looms you want!

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