Braidwork and Tape Lace Crochet

This is a form of tape lace is known by many names including Macramé Crochet Lace, Romanian Point Lace, Braidwork, Tape Lace, etc., .  It uses crocheted cords, tapes, or braids that are filled in with needle weaving stitches.  This is similar to other tape laces that use pre-made tapes such as Battenberg, Luxeuil, and Renaissance laces.  A great resource is the book The Technique of Tape Lace by van den Kieboom and Huijben. It includes information on using crochet cords as the foundation for the tape lace.


Romanian Point Lace Crochet – Anna Burda magazine, April 1992

RPL Anna Burda September 1991 project

September, 1991 issue of Anna Burda magazine

Romanian Point Lace Crochet from the March 2007 issue of Anna Burda magazine

From the March 2007 issue of Anna Burda magazine

RPL mat

From Anna Burda magazine March, 2007. A step-by-step tutorial and pattern can be found at Teddys-Handarbeiten

The Technique of Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

Excellent Resource Book on Tape Lace, Including a Chapter on Crochet Made Tapes. Click picture to see sample pages.

Romanian Point Lace goes by many names: Tape Lace Crochet, Braidwork Crochet, Braid Lace Crochet, Macramé Crochet Lace, Renaissance Lace, Point Lace, Romanian Macramé, European Macramé, Macramé au Crochet, Croșetat dantelă din puncte si laseta, Uncinetto Rinascimento, Macramé Rumeno, Zsinórcsipke, Dentelle Roumaine, Makramee-häkeln, etc.

Visit my Pinterest Board for Romanian Point Lace Crochet to see lots of examples of this rare fiber art form which has recently been gaining in popularity.

For a great article explaining this form of lace making, go to Nordic Needle: Romanian Point Lace

Another good overview can be found in this blog post by Joanne: Romanian Point Lace Overview

Back issues of Anna Burda magazine provide instructions and patterns in Romanian Point Lace crochet – usually called Macramé Style Crochet in this magazine.  A review of the March, 1981 edition can be found by clicking on the picture below:

Anna Burda magazine, March 1981

Click picture to see excerpts from the March, 1981 edition of Anna Burda magazine which contains the first course offered in Macramé Style Crochet, aka Romanian Point Lace


Joanne has posted 2 great tutorials on her blog, Thread Head.  Her beginner tutorial is how I learned to make Romanian Point Lace. I’m so grateful to her for getting me started.

Beginner Tutorial

Intermediate Tutorial


Sylvia Murariu offers several booklets with instructions and patterns:

Romanian Point Lace: A Course For Beginners



Instructions for basic crochet braid (cord) used in Romanian Point Lace. From Clearly Helena’s blog:


PieceWork magazine did a wonderful article on Romanian Point Lace crochet in their January/February 2001 edition. Includes the pattern and detailed instructions for the butterfly on the cover, a wonderful interview, and several photos of other pieces.  The butterfly design is meant to be a sampler piece for practicing a variety of stitches.



Duplet-Crochet Magazine – Another Source of Patterns and Inspiration

Duplet Crochet magazine issue #139: Fiber Art Reflections

Issue #139 of Duplet-Crochet Magazine:

Duplet Crochet Issue #139: Fiber Art Reflections


I am in the process of collecting books and magazines with patterns for Romanian Point Lace crochet work.  I will be doing a post about this soon.  Sources include Anna Burda magazine, Lena magazine, Magic Crochet magazine, PieceWork magazine, old Coats Mercer-Crochet booklets, and several books.  Some old Point Lace and Tape Lace books contain patterns and needle weaving stitches that adapt well to RPL work.  I’ve pinned many of them to this Pinterest board.

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  1. Just found your site. Your tutorial was excellent. I am new at lace making but excited about this art form. I crochet a lot with size 10 thread, so was pleased to learn the cord and braid was crochet. BTW your site is the only one that shows the flat braid, that’s what I wanted. Thank you for taking the time to share your talented gift. I’m trying to get it to go to Pinterest not success cup yet

  2. Hi, Just found an example of your Romanian lacework on Pinterest and followed it to your blog. I am so excited as my daughter in law is romanian and I am hoping to make something for her as a surprise! I cannot wait to have a go but do have a couple of card making projects to get out of the way first – Karin

    • Prelepo, radim i ja poentlas i to duže vreme. Vaši miljeji su prelepi ja nemam te mustre, nezmam dali bi ste mogli da mi pošaljete šeme bila bih Vam zahvalna veoma. Iz Srbije sam i zovem se Vesna

  3. Fabulous article! My sister just bought her wedding dress with lace like I’ve NEVER seen before, and I think this is it! The dress is Simone Carvalli style 90330D if you want to check it out yourself.

  4. Thank you for this informative page. I am glad that, a s a Romanian Point Lace designer and maker, I can see more information about the technique of Romanian Point Lace. I have learned to work this type of lace 52 years ago and continued to learn and collect more stitches, designs and, 20 years ago, I started to design my own patterns. I also built a website that is no longer active and I have a shop on Etsy .
    I am also working on my first Romanian Point Lace Book which, I hope to be ready for print at the end of spring 2019. It’s going to be a very comprehensive book with more than 80 stitches and about 50 patterns, most of them my own designs.
    I will update everyone interested in my book once it is ready for print.

  5. Prelepo, radim i ja poentlas i to duže vreme. Vaši miljeji su prelepi ja nemam te mustre, nezmam dali bi ste mogli da mi pošaljete šeme bila bih Vam zahvalna veoma. Iz Srbije sam i zovem se Vesna

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