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Pin Loom Blanket


Have you ever made a stack of pin loom squares and then wondered what to do with them? Me too. There is something so fun and relaxing about taking some variegated yarn and just seeing how the colors and patterns emerge from square to square. Then after the fact, I have used them as coasters or made them into scarves & place mats.

Fiber Art Reflections: Stack of pin loom squares

For the project in this post, I did bit more planning first. I wanted to make a small baby blanket for a gift, that went along with the color scheme of the items on the baby shower registry. The parents chose to be surprised about the sex of their baby, so the color palette was not pink or blue. And refreshingly, not pastels. Instead the colors were rich with shades of blue, green, brown, orange, rusty red, and turquoise, to go along with a jungle theme.

Fiber Art Reflections: Pin Loom Blanket

I put together a combination of colors of Noro Haniwa yarn (silk and wool) along with an Elsebeth Lavold LinSilk yarn in a shade of green called Verdant, to pull everything together. Probably not the most baby-washable set of fibers to choose for a blanket, in hind sight. Perhaps it has turned out to be more decorative than functional.

Fiber Art Reflections: Using Noro Haniwa Yarn to make woven pin loom squares

Fiber Art Reflections: Pin Loom Weaving

I used a Schacht Zoom Loom (pin loom) that creates 4-inch woven squares.  If you’re not familiar with pin looms, here’s a video demonstration:

For the first three rounds (warp, weft, warp) I used the Noro Yarn.  For the final weaving round, I used the verdant LinSilk yarn, which became the common color running throughout all of the different colored squares, to tie everything together.

Fiber Art Reflections: Close Up of a Woven Pin Loom Square

This same green yarn was used to crochet a border around each square.  I made chain 3 arches all the way around the squares, being careful to have an equal number of arches on each side.  The squares were then crocheted together with the green yarn, connecting the arches with a run of single crochet stitches (U.S. terminology).

Fiber Art Reflections: Connecting Pin Loom Squares with Crochet

Fiber Art Reflections: Joining Pin Loom Squares with Crochet

Fiber Art Reflections: Joining Pin Loom Squares with Crochet

The first step is to connect squares in strips.  The second step is to connect the strips to each other.  The final step is to crochet an edging around the entire blanket.  A great resource book for joining methods with crochet is Connect the Shapes by Edie Eckman.  (I’m not a commercial blog, so I don’t make money for making product recommendations such as the yarns, books, and tools I use.)  Just sharing!

Connect The Shapes by Edie Eckman

Fiber Art Reflections: Pin Loom Blanket