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Macramé Crochet Lace – Anna Burda January 1990

Fiber Art Reflections: Anna Burda magazine, January 1990

Macramé Crochet Lace Projects in Anna Burda, January 1990

Macramé Crochet Lace is also commonly known as Romanian Point Lace Crochet.
This form of lace uses crocheted cords (or braids) as a foundation that supports lace filling stitches.

This issue of Anna Burda magazine was published over 24 years ago.  Back in the day this popular needlecraft magazine was published in many languages around the world, including English. Today it is only offered in German. The March 1981 edition contained the very first “course” they offered in Macramé Lace (also known as Macramé Crochet, Romanian Point Lace Crochet, Braidwork, Renaissance Lace, Tape Lace, and various other names).  I have not been able to find a single issue between March 1981 (33 years ago) and this one from January 1990.  The 1981 issue is referenced in this issue on page L17:

anna blurb

I have been able to find 14 more issues published after this one and I’ve done blog posts on a few of them so far.  This one is the most comprehensive edition in terms of instructions and contains several patterns for mats.  Back issues can often be found on eBay, Amazon, ArtFire, Etsy, Kloeppelbuch, eBid, BuggsBooks, or by doing a thorough search on the internet.  For eBay and Amazon, be sure to try several different countries, especially Germany, the U.S., and England.


Please note: English editions of Anna Burda use UK crochet terminology in their patterns, not U.S. terminology.
Check out this handy chart: Yarn Forward Crochet Conversion Chart

Fiber Art Reflections: Anna Burda magazine cover, January 1990

Cover of Anna Burda magazine from January 1990



Here are photos of the projects in this issue:

Fiber Art Reflections: Anna Burda January 1990 oval Romanian Point Lace Crochet mat

Oval Romanian Point Lace Crochet mat



FIber Art Reflections: Romanian Point Lace Crochet table cloth

Round Romanian Point Lace Crochet table cloth




Fiber Art Reflections: Romanian Point Lace Crochet Table Cloth

Round Romanian Point Lace Crochet Table Cloth



Fiber Art Reflections: Romanian Point Lace Crochet mat using a wide flat crocheted cord (tape).

Romanian Point Lace Crochet mat using a wide flat crocheted cord (tape).


Fiber Art Reflections: Oval mat with large flowers - Romanian Point Lace Crochet

Oval mat with large flowers – Romanian Point Lace Crochet



FIber Art Reflections: Anna Burda magazine course in Macramé Crochet Lace (also known as Romanian Point Lace)

Note: All instructions in Anna Burda use U.K. crochet terminology, not U.S.



Fiber Art Reflections: Anna Burda January 1990

If you purchase used copies of Anna Burda magazine, be sure the seller includes the pattern sheet. Sometimes these have been removed by the original owner.


On Joanne’s Thread Head blog you can see a finished version of the large round mat featured in this issue.  She blogged about this project in several posts with photos of her progress as she went along.  She also has posted an exceptionally excellent step-by-step tutorials on how to do Romanian Point Lace crochet.  (I have linked those in the right hand side bar blog roll under the Romanian Point Lace heading.)  Her tutorials are how I learned to do this type of lace. She is so creative, helpful, and lovely!

For more examples of this form of crochet lace, check out these Pinterest Boards:

Romanian Point Lace Crochet

Tape Lace Crochet Patterns

Crochet Cords, Braids, & Tapes

Best wishes!

Macramé Crochet Lace from the July 1998 edition of Anna Burda


Here is another issue of Anna Burda magazine with Macramé Crochet Lace (aka Romanian Point Lace) instructions.  The July 1998 issue features 3 patterns that can be used for table mats or pillow cushions.

Cover Anna Burda July 1998: Fiber Art Reflections

Macramé Crochet Lace round mat: Fiber Art Reflections

Square macramé crochet lace pillow cover: Fiber Art Reflections

Close up of the square pattern

Anna Burda July 1998 - Macramé Crochet Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

Anna Burda July 1998 - Macramé Crochet Lace - close up of pillow cushions: Fiber Art Reflections

Anna Burda July 1998 Macramé Crochet Lace Close Up: Fiber Art Reflections

There are fold out pattern sheets for tracing the design on fabric in the middle of the magazine.  If you’re looking for back issues of Anna Burda try Amazon, eBay, ArtFire, Buggs Books, eBid, and online used booksellers like Kloeppelbuch.  I found my issue from Amazon UK.  Try different countries on eBay and Amazon to increase your chances of finding the issue you are looking for. Happy hunting!


Update: Found an English version here: Anna Burda July 1998

Macramé Crochet Lace in the February 2011 Issue of Anna Burda


I’ve found a couple of dozen back issues of Anna Burda magazine with patterns and instructions for Macramé Crochet Lace, which is also known as Romanian Point Lace.  It falls into the category of “tape lace”.  The February 2011 edition contains a course in Macramé Crochet Lace (Makramee-Häkeln) and a really pretty oval mat.

Cover February 2011 Anna Burda: Fiber Art Reflections

Cover of the February 2011 issue of Anna Burda Magazine

Anna Burda February 2011: Fiber Art Reflections

Oval mat using the technique of Macramé Crochet Lace

details feb 2011 anna burdaDetail of the filling stitch used in the center

Typically these magazines come with pull out pattern sheets along with instructions & diagrams for the cords and needle lace filling stitches.  To find a back copy check eBay, Amazon, ArtFire, Etsy, and online used booksellers.  I’ve had good luck using the “worldwide” search on eBay.  In addition to searching by words, try searching using reverse “Image Search“.  It can be helpful to search by the cover image. Using that method I just found an issue for sale on German eBay at this link: Anna-Zeitschrift-Spas-mit-Handarbeiten.   You can login with your English eBay account and still order on eBay from other countries.  Use Google Translate if you need help navigating.  I’ve been able to use eBay this way from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Italy, and the UK.

UPDATE: Just found another one: Anna Burda 2011

Happy hunting!

Romanian Point Lace Crochet in Lena Magazine, September 2011


Lena is a handicraft magazine published in Germany.  The subtitle is “Die Besten Ideen Zum Selbermachen” which translates to “The Best Ideas For Do It Yourself.”   Occasionally you’ll find “Makramee-Häkelei” projects (also known as Macramé Crochet or Romanian Point Lace).  Here are some sample pages from Lena, September 2011, Issue No. 9:

Lena Sept 2011 cover: Fiber Art Reflections

Cover of Lena, September 2011

Romanian Point Lace Table Runner from Lena, September 2011: Fiber Art Reflections

Romanian Point Lace Crochet Table Runner

Romanian Point Lace Mat, Pillow, and Glass from Lena, September 2011: Fiber Art Reflections

Romanian Point Lace Crochet Projects

Romanian Point Lace Crochet from Lena, September 2011: Fiber Art Reflections

Romanian Point Lace Crochet Flower Motif


This issue provides patterns for tracing as well as for needle-lace filling stitches and the basic crochet cords used in this form of lace. A large pattern sheet is folded and tucked into the center of the magazine.

large folded newsprint sheet with patterns for all needlework projects in the magazine.  This is stapled into the center of the magazine. Here’s a scan of part of the page with the Romanian Point Lace pattern on it.

If you’re interested in learning how to make Romanian Point Lace crochet, check out the tutorials provided for free by Joanne on her blog Thread Head:

Beginner’s Tutorial

Intermediate Tutorial


Back issues of Lena magazine can often be found on eBay (be sure to search worldwide, not just the U.S.), Amazon, DaWanda, ArtFire, Etsy, and from used magazine sellers online.   Happy stitching!

Renaissance Lace With Crochet Tapes


A few months ago I discovered these two Italian lace books that contain some Romanian Point Lace crochet patterns and instructions. I’ve posted a few sample pages below.  The term “Uncinetto Rinascimento” (which translates as Renaissance Crochet) is what is also known as “macramé crochet” or “Romanian Point Lace”.  The books are titled il Pizzo Rinascimento and il Pizzo Rinascimento 2, which translates as Renaissance Lace.  Some of the tapes are pre-made/manufactured and some are made by hand using crochet techniques.

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of Renaissance Lace is: a lace of braid or tape used for curtains and dresses : guipure —called also Battenberg lace. 

McGraw -Hill’s definition is:  A type of lace in which woven tape motifs are joined by a variety of flat stitches. 

At the website, Eras of Elegance, it describes it this way: Tape lace. This term refers to laces that include a tape in the lace as it is worked (or a machine- or hand-made textile strip formed into a design, then joined and embellished with needle or bobbin lace). Through the centuries tape lace has had several names including, mezzo punto, Renaissance lace, and more recently the coarser Brussels tape known as Battenburg. Luxeuil is also famous for tape lace. This is a comparatively quick method of producing lace fabrics using pre made tape lengths mostly now made by machine. The lengths of narrow tape are joined together with connecting hand stitches, worked in an open manner.


il Pizzo Rinascimento, books 1 and 2:

il Pizzo Rinascimento 1 and 2: Fiber Art Reflections

il Pizzo Rinascimento: Fiber Art Reflections

Each book comes with pattern sheets that are stapled into the center (as you see on the right).  All patterns can be used interchangeably with either pre-made tapes or hand-made crocheted tapes.


Il Pizzo Rinascimento book 1: Fiber Art Reflections

il Pizzo Rinascimento book 1, 50 pages


Although written in Italian, the instructions come with lots of great photos, making it fairly easy to follow.  For anything confusing I have just used Google Translate to help out.  Spighetta comes out “spikelet” in English, but they mean the cord or tape.

il pizzo rinascimento 2 instructions: Fiber Art Reflections


Some of the patterns use the classic Romanian Point Lace crochet cord (macramé crochet cord) as in edging of this linen mat:

Crochet Tape Lace:  Fiber Art Reflections


Here are the cord instructions:

Renaissance Crochet Lace: Fiber Art Reflections


Here are instructions for a wider and flatter crocheted tape:

Flat crochet lace tape: Fiber Art Reflections


These books give instructions for the needle lace fillings as well as for the hand-made tapes:

uncinetto rinascimento - Renaissance Crochet Lace instructions: Fiber Art Crochet


The crochet cord/tape used for this shawl seems to be a basic chain stitch that looks like it is reinforced with some button-hole stitching.  I could be wrong about that.  If anyone knows, please leave a comment.  I tried translating it but couldn’t quite figure it out.

Crochet Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

Uncinetto Rinascimento - Renaissance Crochet Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

il Pizzo Rinascimento - Renaissance tape lace: Fiber Art Reflections

The patterns for mats using manufactured tapes (as shown in the picture above)  could easily be used with crocheted cords and tapes instead.


il Pizzo Rinascimento book 2: Fiber Art Reflections

il Pizzo Rinascimento book 2, 67 pages


Book 2 contains even more lovely patterns for both pre-made tapes and hand-made crochet tapes and cords.

Crochet Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

Renaissance Crochet Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections


Here is a pretty mat which uses a crocheted tape and is sewn to linen fabric:

Renaissance Crochet Tape Lace on linen: Fiber Art Reflections


This is just a small sampling of the patterns found in these books.  There aren’t a whole lot of books being published with Romanian Point Lace patterns, so it was a nice surprise to find these.  If you’re interested in getting these books, here are some sources I found online.  You might also try Amazon, Etsy, eBay, eBid, or Artfire:

Garden Fairies Trading Company


Edicola Battaglia


Tombolo Disegni



The Technique of Tape Lace


What we know as Romanian Point Lace (aka Macramé Crochet, Braidwork, etc.) is usually categorized as a form of “Tape Lace”.

A few months ago I came across this book, The Technique of Tape Lace by Ineke van den Kieboom and Anny Huijben, and discovered that it contained a chapter on using crocheted cord for the tape.  All of the chapters on techniques and stitches can be applied to Romanian Point Lace crochet work.  There are a few patterns in the book as well that work both for pre-made tapes and crocheted tapes/cords/braids.  I think this book is out-of-print, but copies can be found on Amazon, AbeBooks, eBay, and used book stores.  It is written simultaneously in 3 languages – English, French, and German.  Here are some scans to give you an idea of the contents:

The Technique of Tape Lace cover: Fiber Art Reflections


Information on using crocheted cord for tape lace starts on page 100:

Techniques in Tape Lace table of contents: Fiber Art Reflections


Instructions for making the basic crochet cord or braid that is used in Romanian Point Lace work:

The Technique of Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

The Technique of Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

The Technique of Tape Lace sample page: Fiber Art Reflections

Sample Page – This Pattern Could Easily Be Adapted as a Romanian Point Lace Project


The Technique of Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

Sample Page of Tape Lace with Crocheted Cord


The Technique of Tape Lace: Fiber Art Reflections

How to Make Crochet Cord Tape Lace on Tulle


The Technique of Tape Lace sample stitches: Fiber Art Reflections

This Book Contains 140 Stitch Patterns. Here Is A Sample Page.


This book was a lucky find and has turned out to be a great resource for Romanian Point Lace crochet work.  I highly recommend it!  If you don’t want to purchase a copy, or can’t find a copy at an affordable price, try borrowing it from your local library through the inter-library loan program.  Most libraries can get a copy for you, even if they don’t have one in their own library.



Macramé Crochet Lace in Anna Burda March 2007


Here is another edition of Anna Burda magazine that contains a full course in Macramé Crochet (Romanian Point Lace). This is from the March 2007 issue.  I obtained this copy from eBay (Germany):

Other sources of back issues of Anna Burda magazine are eBay (in addition to Germany, try U.S., UK, Australia, France, Canada, Netherlands), Amazon (try multiple countries), ArtFire, eBid, Etsy, used book dealers, and websites selling old craft magazines such as this one: Kloeppelbuch.  A search on Google sometimes unearths surprising sources!  Don’t be afraid to use Google Translate and search in other languages. You can also do a “search by image” on Google, which I have found to be quite successful.  Here are the instructions.

One caution, be sure the listing specifically says the magazine includes the original patten pages, which are usually stapled into the center of the magazine.  If it’s not clear, contact the seller and ask.  So far every seller I’ve had contact with has been friendly and willing to help me out with details of the magazine, if the patterns are present, shipping to the U.S. even when they say they only ship within their own country, selling me just one issue out of a set for sale, etc.

Shipping from other countries can sometimes take a few weeks, but so far I’ve received every order I’ve ever placed.  That’s been at least 20 different orders to date. I’ve received shipments from Canada, Austria, Germany, the UK, Australia, Ukraine, France, Holland, and the U.S.  If you are in search of back issues, I wish you happy hunting!  In the mean time, here is some eye candy from the March 2007 issue for inspiration. Enjoy!


cover of Anna Burda March 2007

March 2007 Cover

White mats from Anna 0307

Notice some of the motifs in these patterns are used in other projects in this edition

A step-by-step tutorial with the pattern for the mat pictured above can be found at this link: Teddys Handarbeiten


anna 0307 blue & white rpl mat

This Romanian Point Lace mat includes some Irish Crochet elements

anna 0307 orange suncatcher

This pattern is the same as the center of one of the previous white mats, just on a larger scale.

RPL picture orange and white Anna 0307

The clover leaf motif in this piece is also used in one of the white mats. It is stitched to linen fabric.

anna 0307 blue & white rpl with cloth

Some of the elements in this tablecloth are found in the previous blue & white mat. This piece is a combination of Romanian Point Lace and linen fabric.


Close ups of a sample of the stitches demonstrated in this issue:

Close up of RPL stitches Anna 0307

anna burda 0307 connecting cords pic

Demo of connecting the cords, which helps hold the finished piece together

More instructions, photos, and full patterns are contained in the magazine.  For tutorials and other resources for learning Romanian Point Lace (Macramé Crochet) see the Romanian Point Lace page

Macramé Style Crochet (Romanian Point Lace) in Anna Burda, March 1981


The very first issue of Anna Burda magazine that contained patterns and instructions for “Macramé Style Crochet” (more commonly known as Romanian Point Lace) was March, 1981.  It’s referred to as the “1st course” in this snippet from the January, 1990 issue: “As only very few ANNA readers will have collected ANNA 3/81 with the 1st course on this lace technique, we start by repeating the basic working know-how for the classic cord, which gives the lace its unmistakable appearance.”

Anna Burda 3:1981 cover


I recently obtained a copy on eBay.  I almost didn’t recognize some of projects in the “course” as being Romanian Point Lace (RPL). But upon closer look, the pink, green, and white heart motifs were indeed RPL.  It actually looks to be a mix of Irish Crochet and RPL.

Anna Burda 3:1981 page 1

Romanian Point Lace cords with needle-weaving and crocheted motifs


A brief history of Macramé Crochet is given:

Anna Burda 3:1981 history

In case the printing in the scan above is hard to read, here is a transcription:

“This course deals with crocheting of cords and braids which are joined together with bars to form imaginative patterns.  Lace is especially decorative, when crocheted blossoms and leaves are edged by cords or braids.”

“As the name suggests, there is a similarity to knotted macramé work. This is not surprising, as the macrame strands look the same as a cord made of flat (square) knots.  Surely, the first cord was knotted rather than crocheted.  Who might have thought of this type of crochet?  Possibly someone who found it too laborious to knot a cord form unendingly long strings.  Progress. is much faster with a crochet hook.  However, like every other aspect of the history of crochet no exact details are known about the origins of macrame crochet.  It can only be assumed that centuries ago it came to Spain through the Moorish influence and from there to Italy and to the Balkan countries.  In Roumania macrame crochet is still in general use today.  Travelers to that country will have perhaps noticed in souvenir shops, apart from traditional embroideries in magnificent colours, the little works of art made of ecru yarn consisting of strands, bars, and fine lace stitches, as illustrated to the the left – often also as edging for colourful needlepoint and cross stitch flowers.  Here a combination of crochet motifs, small strings, braids, and sewn bars is known as macrame crochet which is closely related to the Irish crocheting method.”


This issue contains several patterns for crocheted cords and braids.

These instructions for the basic crochet braid are written in UK terms.  D.C. (double-crochet) in UK terms is the same as S.C. (single-crochet) in U.S. terms.

These instructions for the basic crochet braid are written in UK terms. Please note that D.C. (double-crochet) in UK terms is the same as S.C. (single-crochet) in U.S. terms.

Anna Burda magazine, March 1981



Anna Burda 3:1981 page 4


.One of the projects is this collar, with detailed instructions for the technique of tacking down the cords to the pattern and blocking the finished piece.

Anna Burda 3:1981 page 6


Anna Burda 3:1981 page 5


Efficient use of space is made on the enclosed pattern sheets, which are inserted and attached to the middle of the magazine.  Often patterns are printed in an overlapping fashion.  For RPL work, the pattern is traced onto fabric.  The crocheted cords are then temporarily basted to the fabric.  Needle lace is worked in between the cords, and cords are attached to each other whenever the intersect.  When done, the lace piece is removed from the fabric.

Anna Burda 3 1981 patterns


Back issues can often be found on eBay, Amazon, ArtFire, Etsy, or by doing a thorough search on the internet.  Please note: English language editions of Anna Burda used UK crochet terminology in their patterns, not U.S. terminology.

Macramé Crochet Lace in Anna Burda June 2006


I love Romanian Point Lace crochet (Macramé Crochet), and learned that many back issues of Anna Burda magazine contain patterns and instructions.  In recent months I have been collecting as many back issues as I can find – which so far numbers 16 editions.  The first course in “Macramé Style Crochet” that was offered was in the March, 1981 issue.  I will be doing a post on that edition soon.  Some issues have a full “course” in the technique, with several patterns and projects.  Others just highlight a piece or two with patterns, assuming the crafter already knows the basic techniques.  Large pattern sheets are usually folded and attached as an insert in the middle of the magazine.

The June 2006 edition contains a full course and I obtained a copy (in German) on eBay.  The German word for Romanian Point Lace/Macramé Crochet is Makrameehäkelei.  Here are some of the treasures I found in this issue:

Anna Burda 6:2006 Cover

Anna Burda 6:2006 page 4

Translation of the caption in the picture above: “This sophisticated lace technique came with the Moors to Spain and from there via Italy, the Balkans and Romania to us. Flowers, leaves and arabesques are fascinating because of their delicate appearance. This course explains Makrameehäkelei (macramé crochet)  step by step.”

Anna Burda June 2006 3

Anna Burda June 2006 2

Anna Burda June 2006 1


Although Anna Burda was published in Germany, it was also available in many other languages, including English, until recently.  It is still being published but is now only in German (for a subscription go here:  Even so, the photos, diagrams, and patterns are easy to follow if you know the basics of Romanian Point Lace crochet.

Welcome to Fiber Art Reflections


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Susan and I love creative fiber arts. The techniques I especially enjoy are crochet, weaving on small looms, combining pottery & fiber, and a form of tape lace known as Romanian Point Lace Crochet (among other names). The purpose of this blog is to explore these fiber arts, nurture creativity, and reflect on life.  I hope you enjoy visiting!



Some of my favorite types of crochet work include lace work, tapestry crochet, hyperbolic crochet, Irish crochet, motif work, and tape laces using crocheted cords, ribbons, and braids (such as Romanian Point Lace).


Weaving on Small Looms

I have acquired several types and sizes of pin looms.  The most well-known version is the vintage 4-inch  handheld Weave It loom.  I have several sizes of Weave It and similar looms – 2-inch, 2×6, 4×6, 6-inch, and 12-inch.  I also have a placemat sized peg loom from CraftSanity which is great for heavier yarn and fabric strips.  Teneriffe lace looms are used to make “sun lace” and flower motifs. For examples go to: Teneriffe Lace Work.


Needle Lace

I am just beginning to explore forms of needle made laces and this interest has come out of doing Romanian Point Lace crochet work and my love of weaving on small looms.  There are several overlapping techniques among all of these forms of fiber art. To view some examples go to: Needle Made Laces


Romanian Point Lace Crochet (RPL)

This form of lace is made using crocheted cords/ribbons/braids and then basting them onto a pattern, and filling in the spaces with needle weaving stitches.  This is a type of tape lace such as Battenberg, Bruges, Luxeuil, il Pizzo Rinascimento (Renaissance Lace), and Brussels lace (made with bobbin lace tapes).  RPL is also known by several other names such as:  Crochet Tape Lace, Macramé Crochet Lace, Renaissance Lace, Point Lace, Romanian Macramé, European Macramé, Macramé au Crochet, Croșetat dantelă din puncte si laseta, Uncinetto Rinascimento, Macramé Rumeno, Zsinórcsipke, Dentelle Roumaine, Makramee-häkeln, and crochet braidwork.


Pottery and Fiber

A friend and I have plans to work together on some projects combining her pottery and my lace work.  Some examples of how others are combining these techniques, check out my Pinterest board on this topic.



A favorite color palette