Handspun Yarn and a Pin Loom


A couple of months ago I came across a beautiful skein of handspun merino at my local yarn shop. The color is Pastel Jungle and I discovered it’s spun by a fellow Minnesotan – you can check out her blog at Knitting My Way Home.  Although I had no specific project in mind, I just couldn’t resist adding it to my yarn stash.  Every now and then I’d take it out and look at it, and consider my options. I wanted to find a way to highlight the all of the lovely colors.  Today I ran across my 2-inch square pin-loom and decided to put the two together.


Fiber Art Reflections: 2 inch square pin loom meets handspun yarn

2-inch Square Pin Loom meets Handspun Yarn


Fiber Art Reflections: 2-Inch Square Pin Loom

First, the yarn is wrapped loosely around the pins in three layers


Fiber Art Reflections: Weaving on a 2-Inch Square Pin Loom

The 4th “layer” is woven using a weaving needle. This results in one layer of woven fabric.


Fiber Art Reflections: Woven 2-Inch Pin Loom Square

The square is finished and ready to be popped off of the loom


Fiber Art Reflections: 2-Inch Pin Loom Squares

Five squares completed. Each square takes about 6 minutes to make.


Fiber Art Reflections: 2-Inch Pin Loom Squares

Each square takes a little less than 2 yards of yarn. This skein is 210 yards so I’ll have about 105 squares when I’m done.


Fiber Art Reflections: 2-Inch Woven Pin Loom Squares

Happy little woven squares, waiting to become something.


I’m still not sure what I will use over 100 2-inch woven squares for, but sometimes it’s fun to just let a project emerge as you go along.  Maybe I’ll combine them with some crochet motifs.  Or perhaps connect them using Irish Crochet or Romanian Point Lace techniques.  They may end up as a scarf or a baby blanket or table mat.  Maybe I’ll line them with some Kraft-Tex fabric paper and make a purse. What would you do with them?

If you’d like more information on Pin-Looms, check out Jana Trent’s blog eLoomaNation  In my blog roll on the right, I have linked to other blogs and websites for small looms and here is a link to my Pinterest Board on the topic: Weaving on Small Looms

Happy weaving!


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