Macramé Crochet Lace in the February 2011 Issue of Anna Burda


I’ve found a couple of dozen back issues of Anna Burda magazine with patterns and instructions for Macramé Crochet Lace, which is also known as Romanian Point Lace.  It falls into the category of “tape lace”.  The February 2011 edition contains a course in Macramé Crochet Lace (Makramee-Häkeln) and a really pretty oval mat.

Cover February 2011 Anna Burda: Fiber Art Reflections

Cover of the February 2011 issue of Anna Burda Magazine

Anna Burda February 2011: Fiber Art Reflections

Oval mat using the technique of Macramé Crochet Lace

details feb 2011 anna burdaDetail of the filling stitch used in the center

Typically these magazines come with pull out pattern sheets along with instructions & diagrams for the cords and needle lace filling stitches.  To find a back copy check eBay, Amazon, ArtFire, Etsy, and online used booksellers.  I’ve had good luck using the “worldwide” search on eBay.  In addition to searching by words, try searching using reverse “Image Search“.  It can be helpful to search by the cover image. Using that method I just found an issue for sale on German eBay at this link: Anna-Zeitschrift-Spas-mit-Handarbeiten.   You can login with your English eBay account and still order on eBay from other countries.  Use Google Translate if you need help navigating.  I’ve been able to use eBay this way from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Italy, and the UK.

UPDATE: Just found another one: Anna Burda 2011

Happy hunting!

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