Macramé Crochet Lace in Anna Burda June 2006


I love Romanian Point Lace crochet (Macramé Crochet), and learned that many back issues of Anna Burda magazine contain patterns and instructions.  In recent months I have been collecting as many back issues as I can find – which so far numbers 16 editions.  The first course in “Macramé Style Crochet” that was offered was in the March, 1981 issue.  I will be doing a post on that edition soon.  Some issues have a full “course” in the technique, with several patterns and projects.  Others just highlight a piece or two with patterns, assuming the crafter already knows the basic techniques.  Large pattern sheets are usually folded and attached as an insert in the middle of the magazine.

The June 2006 edition contains a full course and I obtained a copy (in German) on eBay.  The German word for Romanian Point Lace/Macramé Crochet is Makrameehäkelei.  Here are some of the treasures I found in this issue:

Anna Burda 6:2006 Cover

Anna Burda 6:2006 page 4

Translation of the caption in the picture above: “This sophisticated lace technique came with the Moors to Spain and from there via Italy, the Balkans and Romania to us. Flowers, leaves and arabesques are fascinating because of their delicate appearance. This course explains Makrameehäkelei (macramé crochet)  step by step.”

Anna Burda June 2006 3

Anna Burda June 2006 2

Anna Burda June 2006 1


Although Anna Burda was published in Germany, it was also available in many other languages, including English, until recently.  It is still being published but is now only in German (for a subscription go here:  Even so, the photos, diagrams, and patterns are easy to follow if you know the basics of Romanian Point Lace crochet.

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  1. So nice to see these features from other magazines around the world – thank you for sharing, and keep up the beautiful blog posts ♥

  2. Susan I also have a collection of old Anna’s Macramè lace patterns. I would be able to photograph them and share them with you but do not know how to go about it! Some patterns even have a class in Macramé lace! Regards Linda

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